Thursday, April 30, 2020

Just An Artist, Walking (Total Reboot)

I walk a lot. I'm also an Integral Artist. I've walked this Earth (and, mostly, this strange, strange town) for 33 years or so. I'm 33. Sometimes I look a lot younger than I am, sometimes I look awful.

just found a good person going down a bad paranoid rabbit hole, I wrote this to help out:

here's my general rule about conspiracy shit: if it takes away your equanimity, if it directly threatens you or makes you feel that you are directly threatened--toss it the fuck out! It's weaponized data, total propaganda from satan! The Truth gets you high, lies drag ya down! Truth empowers, Lies make you PARANOID! Sit with it, and ask God if it's true? God can tell you that you're going to die soon and it'll be ok if you listen when and how God says it. Yes, there are ugly, Godless truths. But the legacy of honesty is the richest, and the good folks vastly outnumber the evil ones, and most perceptions of evil that naturally occur are from people at different levels of consciousness not seeing eye-to-eye and blaming satan for their lack of comprehension of where another is at! Evil as some big all-powerful force grasping at the veins and arteries of the Earth if not the Universe itself, it's wrong. it's just fucking wrong. Fuck that, even if it were right, why would you invest emotions in letting that shit overpower you?? Fuck that, dammit, you're generation X, party like it's 1999 if the end of the world is coming, don't get all dark and cynical.



Yeah, I'm walking. Into a new dimension, a new world, a new reflection. I'm a gonna go to sleep now cuz it's late.


I don't remember quite what the point of this even was, lolol.

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